I’ve always believed that art exists in everything we see around us.  I experienced that first had at an event while in florence with one of the top fabric makers VBC. Now here’s the thing- It wasn’t the fabric that caught my eye, but it was Mr Antonio Liverano himself. I’ve always believed that style goes beyond the clothing and is made evident in the confidence in the individual wearing them. Mr. Liverano was the definition of that. After our brief encounter, I felt immediately compelled to learn more about Mr Liverano and was gifted the book “Scent of Tailoring” in which he’s featured

Looking back, I remember being asked what my biggest takeaway from my first visit to Italy. The answer was easy – It was being able to witness the love and passion that goes into everything that these artisans do. And that passion is seen in every detail and every stitch down to the finished piece.

 This to me is art; a true expression of the master’s imagination. 

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