The Rake Magazine: Street Style & Hawaiian Shirts

As Seen In The June Issue Of The Rake Magazine

The Hawaiian shirt: it starts conversations, stirs controversy, divides opinion and draws attention. Once only found by those scouring second-hand flea markets and vintage stores, some of menswear’s finest craftspeople have played with the design, interpreting it their own way – now, the Hawaiian shirt comes tailored, hand-finished, in high-quality fabrics and smart silhouettes. The shirt has been on a journey through post-war tourism, Seventies styling and Americana, and now it’s landed as a summer staple, no longer confined to the holiday wardrobe, but worn with a sense that one doesn’t take things too seriously. Under tailoring, a tropical print provides the perfect balance of high-low culture; it’s colourful, fun, and comfortable. Here are 14 ways to style it this summer.

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